Kylie's Demonstrator Training

I want to be able to share some of my quick tips and tricks that I think can help demonstrators all around the world. We all like to learn from each other regardless of whether we are a hobby or business demonstrator.

If you want to keep up to date with my new training offers you can sign up to receive my demonstrator training updates by clicking here.

Why Train with you Kylie?

I have a 40 minute FREE webinar recording that you can watch to learn all about whether training with me will work for you. It is best to check these things before you invest any You can click on the picture below to register and then you can watch the recording. Please let me know any feedback and hopefully it will teach you more about me and my background. Register HERE for my free webinar recording or click below.

If you haven't already seen my About Me page also has other information about what I have been able to achieve with Stampin' Up!® in the last seven years. Click Here to read more there.

Here is another handy tutorials that I have made -

Kylie Free Facebook Training

Blogging - What you need to know
Say no to guilt
My Aim for Alaska Program
How Onstage Events Help my Business
What I learnt from moving house
Hope I cope with challenges and setbacks
How to get customers and recruits
The reality of starting a Stampin' Up!® Business

Kylie's Paid Training Section

With my paid training you will be sent an email with a link to the training video that you have purchased. I am thrilled that you are considering to purchase my training and I know that my team have benefited greatly by following these videos and applying them. Even ones that have had no computer skills have been able to learn so much from these step by step easy tutorials.

You will also be sent an invite to my private Demonstrator Training Group on Facebook where I put up encouraging pictures, videos and other points that I have learnt from others. Learning is vital to success and this group will enable you to connect, learn and grow. It also gives you accountability to make sure that you use and apply the training your purchase.

I will continue to add more training options as I have many topics that I know will benefit many! If you want to stay up to date with my new training videos and topics you can follow me on my Facebook Business Page - Here. Or sign up to receive my email updates Here. If you sign up for my email updates you will be sent a special webinar link to some FREE training from me that runs for over 45 minutes. I would love you to receive that training so sign up today!

Here are the two training options that I offer so far, more are in the process of being created. If there is anything that you would love to see in step by step training please email me and let me know.

Basic Blogger Training $30
Click below to purchase

Basic Mailchimp Training - $30
Click below to purchase

What Makes Your Business Successful Kylie?
$35 - One Hour

To purchase you can click here -

If you would like to offer this training to your team and would like to find out a bulk team price please let me know and I can organise this via webinar at a group discount price.

Thanks so much for sharing this information with others and for your support. It enables me to share all the things that I love about Stampin' Up!® and how to make the most out of what is on offer.

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